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Inspired by the different Hawaiian outrigger canoes, the Aracari is the first outrigger canoe designed and built in Central America.  Looking to introduce 1 man outrigger canoeing to Panama's paddle community, the father and son team; Bob and Chris Huerbsch, embarked on a project to design a wa'a that is not only sleek in its aesthetics with its hard lines, and complex curves, but also fast in the water.  

This canoe design is young and still in its testing phase, but one thing seems to be noteworthy, it excels in the bumps compared to the canoes we have tested it against.  The design concept was simple, more volume around the waterline for added lift and more keel to counteract that lift to keep the canoe from broaching. The canoe's extra length and volume on the stern seems to help give it more lift when going up the back of the wave to connect the bumps, and its tail rocker allows it to slide into the wave, instead of burying  and creating drag.   

Comfort was one of our main focuses.  We were thinking long distance paddles so we added two built in bottle holders to the deck, along with a spacious cockpit to accommodate larger paddlers who will already be able to take advantage of the volume.  The canoes deep footwell has well placed, ergonomic foot-pedals to help alleviate cramping or unnecessary fatigue in the feat.  

Length: 21.5 '

Beam: 16 1/8"

Weight: 19-22 lbs

Iakos: aerograde aluminum

Ama: 3.5 - 4.5 lbs

Our standard canoes are built with 3.8 oz carbon, core cell, and pro-set epoxy, with a gelcoat finish.

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